A Week of Sewing


On Saturday I made a fox from a star shaped plastic canvas. He will go inside an art tree I’m working on called “The Slow Extinction of Humans.”


Sunday I barely got any sewing done. I worked on the background of my skull and that was it. The skull is also part of a tree project.


Monday was a lot more productive. I mended a ripped seam in a pair of pants, then put a patch on my husband’s cap. He ripped it while doing land clearing for the neighbor. The cap actually went under the tractor, and I am amazed the damage wasn’t worse.


I worked on my doors for my cityscape quilt. Monday is when I work on show projects. It’s also the day I clean the living room and that’s why I mended clothes- they were laying beside my chair.

Tuesday I didn’t do any sewing because I was still trying to get class schedules for the boys. Only one was ready. Then it was time for boy scouts and Pre-K open house.

Wednesday I didn’t get much done. I did a little more on the skull background and that was it. I think I did two more rows in between signing permission slips and filling out contact information for teachers.


Thursday I almost got the skull done. So close, yet so far away.


Friday, I moved my sewing machines.


The big cabinet was right here and I kept smacking into it when I got up during the night. If I run into the treadle, I only bruise my hip, instead of my hip, my knee, and my foot. So far I haven’t walked into it. Because it’s not as wide, I guess.


Saturday, I started working on the back of my grandson’s wolf. This was done in the car as we ran errands. It was slow going because despite how smoothly the truck runs, it’s nowhere near sitting still in the house. I’m also limited by space and what supplies I can carry with me. I thought more blues would look good, then I thought maybe the background should be gray, but I didn’t have those yarns with me.

Sunday, I tried to finish the errands we didn’t do on Saturday. I didn’t bother packing a sewing project because I knew I would be driving. I correctly assumed I would be hot, irritated, dirty, and not wanting to do any work that requires concentration.

And now the week is over. I didn’t get to work on my most pressing projects. I have ideas still undeveloped. I am sure I have forgotten something important. Maybe next week will be better. Linking up to Nina Marie’s Here.


A Week of Projects

This week has almost been a vacation because the boys went to visit their aunt. It’s been nice and quiet for me.


First, I sewed a bell back on. I want to make more of these trees for a future show. I have plenty of time. The gallery won’t have an opening until October 2020.


Still working on this. It must be finished and delivered by June 24 and its show starts July 1.


I finished a little Celtic knot. I love this, makes me smile.


I needed brown fabric. For some strange reason, I have no brown. This is maroon. I thought it would have to do. When I held it up, I realized it was more suited to backing. But it would have to be a small quilt.


Like this storm at sea. I got some brown cotton fabric from my mother-in-law.


I needed the brown for this quilt that I am making for my neighbor. I’m going to use flying geese, but since he’s an Auburn fan they will be flying eagles. He won’t know the difference and my quilter friends will think I’m clever.


And I did more work on my daughter’s horse quilt, though it’s not anywhere close to finished.

Saturday the boys come home. Sunday they leave for boy scout summer camp and I get another wonderful, peaceful week.

Linking to Nina Marie here.

Horses and Trees and Stuff

First, the link:


I’m linking with her because it’s Fiber Friday. Go see what other artists are doing. There’s always something wonderful to see.


I had already packed my crate. I don’t have photographs ready. Bear with me.


I have one of my art trees mostly finished. As soon as it was done I thought of better ways to put it together. I am annoyed with myself for not doing it properly to begin with.


I’m working on this quilt for my daughter. Every day she asks if I finished it.


I made a temari ball. I think I can do better.


Son’s tie fell apart in the washer and needs mending. Then they got new boy scout shirts and there are a lot of patches to be sewn on.


Last, but not least, I made trees to sell. I’m thinking of pricing them at $25 each.